Aug. 6th, 2017 03:08 am
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My FitBit isn't working. It's supposed to turn on when you tap it, but it only turns on when you charge it. It indicates that it's fully charged though. Sigh. Time to contact customer support.

It looks like it's going to rain all afternoon tomorrow, so I might not get out hiking. I do need to get food for Harlee though.
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The front desk worker had a family emergency and was out of town. My boss apparently asked her husband to bring her some lunch so that she could cover the desk, and he was still there when I came in. They're taking a vacation in Iceland, so we talked about that. We talked about the candidates for the Library Director position. Then her husband asked me if I was applying for the Library Director position. I said, "Noooo."

Harlee scared the hell out of me last night and this morning. Last night, she started to get up, but fell back down. I was wondering if she had a stroke or something like that. But later, she got up and walked around, so she seemed to be okay. This morning, she was curled up on her pillow, and from the angle at which I was looking at her, I couldn't see her breathing. I said, "Harlee???" and she popped her head up. She's eating, drinking, purring, and meowing, so she's okay. She's a tough old lady.

My knee was bothering me today, so I think that I'm overstressing it. I skipped the gym tonight, and will go tomorrow.

I need to get into work early for phone interviews with the Library Director candidates tomorrow, so I'm going to go get everything organized for tomorrow morning, read a little, and go to bed early.
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I've started doing exercises to strengthen my knees. I'm going to alternate days doing exercises at home and at the gym. I just did a set of exercises, and oh, the burn. No wonder I have knee problems. My muscles are weak.


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