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Work was okay. I'm glad that it's my weekend though. I'm still fighting tiredness and, right now, I have a headache.

CNN published an editorial saying that older people shouldn't live in Florida because air conditioning is critical for them. All roads seem to lead to New Mexico. I need to work my butt off to ensure that I'll be able to go there next year. I ordered a book about the Santa Fe-Taos-Albuquerque area and a book about retiring in New Mexico from Amazon.

I read an article by an academic who has an Everything notebook in which he records, well, everything that's going on, everything that he needs to remember, planning notes, etc. It's kind of a cross between a bullet journal and a larger notebook in which to take notes. He used a spiral-bound notebook and sticky tabs to index items. I thought that it would work better for me if I got a ring binder with dividers, so that I can keep the notes for a category together. So tonight I bought a zippered binder, dividers with pockets, and reinforced 3-hole paper. I'll set up the journal tomorrow. I had something similar when I was at IBM, and it helped me stay organized.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning, so I need to crash soon. I'll probably come back and take a nap afterwards.


Sep. 11th, 2017 09:28 pm
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Later on Monday, the Defense Department said that damage to the Keys was so extensive that it might be necessary to evacuate the 10,000 residents who rode out the storm on the islands. -- New York Times

Crap. I like the Florida Keys. I would never live there because there's only one road out of there. I missed my flight on my trip to Florida driving out of the Keys because I hit stop-and-go traffic. I wonder what they're going to do with the 55 cats at the Hemingway House in Key West.

And the power is out in Clearwater, but that's not surprising.
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The New York Times showed a drone flight over Miami Beach. It looks like a scene from the film On the Beach--no people.

Apparently the caretakers for the Hemingway House in Key West didn't evacuate. They brought the cats inside and are riding it out. I hope that they don't get cut off. There are a LOT of bridges between Key West and mainland Florida. (Great drive, by the way.)

The hurricane is going up the west coast of Florida, including the area (Tampa Bay area, Clearwater) where I'm considering retiring. Good thing that I'm not going to retire any time soon.

Good luck Florida.
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Our A/C is still out at work. My boss has been leaving the staff door open to increase ventilation, but I keep waiting for a squirrel to come walking in. I hope that they finally fix the A/C this week.

I worked with my friend Jude tonight, which is always fun. We should figure out something that we can do together sometime.

Mimi was trying to convince me to feed her when I came home for dinner. Not. They get fed twice a day. Zara was stalking my corn dog. A quiet dinner at home.

I picked up some more corn dogs, which make a great lunch. I also splurged on a pair of pajamas that say, "Shoot for the Moon" on the shirt. The pajama bottoms have moons and stars on them. $7 at Walmart.

I'm watching the news about Hurricane Irma and fretting. I'm glad that they are evacuating the Florida Keys. That's one disadvantage to retiring in Florida. My dream right now is to be a snowbird; retire mainly in Santa Fe, but live in Florida during the winter and spring. I need to get to work on my programming to make more money. Speaking of such, I'm going to cancel the Android class and work with some Java books that I've ordered from the library. I'll pick the class up again when I have a better knowledge of Java.

I need to get up early for a conference call, so I need to go crash after paying tribute to Her Royal Highness, the Princess Harlee.


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