Jan. 22nd, 2017

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Wow, get my mom on the subject of politics, and she's off and running. We discussed politics for about an hour, when I asked if I could change the subject, and told her about clearing the bedroom. Then we talked about that for a while. Then we talked about makeup. Then I told her that I absolutely had to run to the bathroom, and we hung up :)

She's up and down. She's mad at her doctors because they made it sound like the chemo and other meds would make her feel well, but she had some days this week in which she could barely get out of bed. I did tell her that at least with psychiatric drugs, there's a lot of churn trying to find the right drug or drugs that work well with your particular chemistry. She's frustrated, and I wish that I could help the situation, but I can't.

I'm on a roll with cleaning and organizing, which is what I hoped would happen. I got a bunch of stuff done on the kitchen while I was making dinner. But I'm starting to wind down now, which is good because I want to do a few things in the morning before I go to work tomorrow.


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