Feb. 3rd, 2017

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Got my proposal for my poster presentation off. Also submitted my letter of reference for my former colleague.

Really tired, but I need to get the laundry area ready for the repair person coming tomorrow. I need to get up early too for him to come over. But then I'll nap.

The neighbor's cat wasn't out tonight. I'm glad, but I'm wondering if he's okay. Too softhearted.
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The washer is fixed. Hallelujah!

I ran my time-sensitive errands. I did go to Aldi to pick up a few things, but hadn't made a full list to go grocery shopping. The only thing is that I've been feeling spacy because of getting up early this morning, and I want to think about what meals to make, so I think that I'll grocery shop tomorrow.

I need to dig out the kitchen because I pulled out a lot of stuff that was in the laundry area. I meant to declutter the area, but not quite like this. I want to do some stuff online though first.


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