Feb. 27th, 2017

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Tired all day long. We've discovered no more mold at work, which is a good thing. Was slightly annoyed at the girlfriend of one of the part-time workers, who was on her cell phone, and then watched the Oscars. She was close to a quiet area, but no one complained, so I decided to leave it alone. Speaking of the Oscars, though, I would have liked to see the Best Picture flub. Oops.

The person who was supposed to pick up the purse today didn't pick it up. So I offered it to another person, who is going to pay the full price. (I might get blowback from the original people, but too bad.)

Did I say tired? I think that I'm going to feed the hordes, and then crash, and get up early to clean.

I have a visible gray streak at my temple, but it's too early to dye my roots.


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