Mar. 2nd, 2017

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I ate out today for dinner because I needed to run errands during part of the dinner. But I felt really guilty about it. Big change from when I used to eat out all the time. Living close to home rocks; I almost never eat out now.

I went grocery shopping after work to pick up "a few" things. Well, it started as "a few," but I kept on thinking of things that I needed, such as coffee. I usually buy a baguette to dip in soup (my dinner of choice) and to go with meals, and they had a sliced one, and I was comparing the price of the sliced one to the unsliced one. They turned out to be the same price, so I bought the sliced one. I agonized about getting English muffins, but a breakfast of eggs, grits, an English muffin, and coffee sounds like manna from heaven. Cheap too, except for the muffin. I made a big score by getting two pairs of winter gloves on clearance. The sign said that they were $1, but they rang up as $0.50. Score!

I've been thinking for a quite a while about getting a second Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science to improve my credentials, but don't want to pay for it. I just remembered that we participate in a Tuition Exchange program with some other schools in the area, which means free tuition if accepted. Millikin University has a Information Systems: Application Development program that would work, and it's only 45 minutes away according to Google Maps. My first step, though, it to take some classes at Heartland Community College. The irony is that the Heartland classes would cost more than Millikin's classes (athough not much because they are community college classes), but they offer many of them online, which is more convenient for me. (Heartland is also 45 minutes away, so it's not too far to go to though.)


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