Mar. 10th, 2017

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Mimi bounces off the walls when she's hungry, and settles down after she eats. Zara, on the other hand, is quiet when she's hungry, and bounces off the walls after she eats. Harlee sleeps half the time, but as she's an old lady, she's entitled. Cats!

Mimi was lying on the kitchen rug in the middle of the traffic pattern. I moved it to a spot out of the traffic pattern, and now she's suspicious of it.

Harlee wants her mommy.

I'm feeling a little tired, despite my nap. I think that I'll go to sleep soon, amd try to get up earlier than usual. I'd like to stay on an earlier schedule.

I'm going to use the carrot of piano lessons to encourage me to get the stuff out from in front of the digital piano. I don't have the money for them yet, but if I get the online job, then I would.
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Well, I'm up. Slept until noon, ate breakfast, and took a nap. Had a bit of a hassle feeding the cats breakfast because Zara didn't want to come upstairs to eat (I feed her behind a gate in the bedroom because Mimi would happily eat both her food and Zara's), and Mimi didn't want her food; she wanted Zara's food. Finally, Zara came upstairs when I fed Harlee. Apparently then it was the right time for Zara to go upstairs. Cats!

Just ate lunch, and am making some coffee.

Need to make a phone call, and have some stuff to do online. Etc. And I need to throw veggie lasagna in the crockpot.

One of the part-timers at work who works on Sunday asked if she could take Sunday off because she has a ton of grading to do (she's a teacher in her day job). I said okay because I think that Sunday will be quiet because it's the end of Spring Break.

Nothing really exciting is going on....I'm about to upset Harlee because I want to wash her pillow that she lounges around on.
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...That's why we don't hire enough Customer Service reps. Sigh.

I was thinking that I couldn't make my phone call yet because it wasn't the last hour before they close. Then I said to myself, "Wait a minute. You can call now." So I did, and I've been stuck on hold ever since. Now I know why I was procrastinating.

Not much that I can do on hold.
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Oy. I'm trying to withdraw money from the retirement account that I had when I worked part-time at ITT Tech ages ago. I talked to them last fall, and they said that there was a hold on the account because ITT Tech declared bankruptcy, but that it should only be a couple more weeks, and go ahead and fill out the withdrawal for so that you'll get your withdrawal as soon as the accounts go off hold. So I filled out the forms last month and sent them. Called tonight, and the accounts are STILL frozen, and the customer service rep said that I can't fill out a withdrawal form until the accounts are unfrozen, plus the other rep gave me the wrong form. Sigh.

...And it took me an hour to find that out.
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Made a frozen pizza because I didn't feel like cooking. Made Polish flashcards of the alphabet. Looked at Polish language courses on udemy. Saw the following: "Eating and drinking - now you can ask for PIEROGI (Polish dumplings)". Apparently, to be Polish, you must love pierogies. They are dumplings with various fillings (cheese, potatoes, ground meat). They're not bad.

The following picture was bouncing around Facebook for a while:

Trying to decide what to do next. Maybe some cleaning.


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