Mar. 29th, 2017

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The question du jour is whether to pay for the next Python class in the sequence, or just audit the class. Paying for it will give me a certificate, but I'm tight on cash. And I have to pay for tax software. And the class is one of the more expensive ones ($79). Oh well, I have a few more days to decide. Free is good though. I suppose that taking the last course in the sequence for a certificate would accomplish much of the same thing.

Now I'm leaning more towards paying it because I could upload the certificates to LinkedIn, etc. OTOH, I'll be taking programming classes at Heartland, and will have a transcript. (I need to learn R too, somewhere along the line, but I'm going to audit those classes because I just need to know it, rather than needing the credential.)

I just received my Think Like a Programmer book from interlibrary loan. I need to run errands on Friday, so maybe I'll take it to the local coffeeshop (or tea shop?) and read it. (Yes, I know, buying coffee isn't the way to save money, but I'll get more done at the coffeeshop than I will at home.)

I need a way to attach my phone to my wrist. I made dinner when I got home. (Cheese tortellini with alfredo sauce. Delish. What can I say; I'm a pastatarian. I should have been Italian; I love the food and the language.) Then I couldn't find my phone. I was about to go back to work to look for it, when I saw it on the counter. Sheesh.

Otherwise, life is (Mountains are mountains.) Is it wrong that I'm really looking forward to a four-day weekend around Easter?


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