Apr. 6th, 2017

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I've started the process to enroll for an Associates in Applied Science Degree in Information Technology at Heartland by requesting official transcripts to be sent to them. The longest one said two to three weeks, but I hope that it won't take that long. I want to enroll in my first class! I need to start looking at scholarship applications.

I've also started working on my next Python class. I'm excited because we're starting to learn about procedures that I'll need to use for the first script that I want to write at work (converting patron data from one format to another). These are really good classes, by the way.

Harlee was complaining LOUDLY when i got home, and my neighbors were knocking on the wall. I sat with her a while, and she did settle down, thank goodness. She is the loudest cat that I've ever had.

I need to crash because I need to get into work early to cover a lunch break. But tomorrow is my last day of work for the week!
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The library Web site was messed up at work; it was showing code instead of various controls on the page. They fixed it, but I couldn't access the Web site later on. I'm throwing my hands up. If it's still messed up on Sunday, I'll open another problem. Crud, I just realized that I forgot to open a maintenance request to have the paper recycling bin emptied. I'll e-mail myself (which I do surprisingly often. E pluribus unum.)(I can't believe that I spelled that right.)

I have been eating Ramen noodles for lunch, but oh, the amount of salt in them makes me choke. Today I tried slightly more expensive "chow mein" noodles, and they were pretty good. Just bought some more of them. Okay, they're three times as expensive as Ramen, but that just adds up to $0.60 each. Doable.

Tired because I had to get up early to cover lunch for the front desk person.

I've been tiptoeing around so that I don't wake up noisy Harlee.

I'm hooked on WalMart brand peanut butter cookies.

Added: Got to hand it to the good old University of Illinois; they've completed my transcript order (which I ordered yesterday) and are putting it in the mail. That was fast.

Oh, and I bought a used turquoise and gold jacket on eBay a while ago. Today at WalMart, I saw a top that I thought matched the color of it. Bought the top and brought it home, and it's a perfect match. Score!

Mimi Again

Apr. 6th, 2017 11:22 pm
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I'm going to have to harden my heart and bring Mimi back to the Humane Society. She just got into a big fight with Zara, and when I broke it up, Mimi had a tuft of Zara's fur in her mouth. This can't go on. It's not fair to Zara, and my neighbors don't want to hear cat fights. I'll call the Humane Society when I get up. Crap.


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