Apr. 13th, 2017

Whatta Day

Apr. 13th, 2017 02:02 am
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I didn't get up early, but as it turned out, I'm glad that I got the extra sleep.

We've been having problems with our database access. Well, I.T. turned it over to us (me) while it still had problems, and sent a note saying that if anyone has problems, contact us, not I.T. I was not happy. However, I got most of the databases working on-site, which is a start. We're having a weird list of databases pop up that isn't supposed to pop up, and a couple of the databases aren't working for remote access. However, I was pleased with what I accomplished.

I didn't get anything done around here tonight. But, I get to leave an hour early tomorrow because it's the beginning of the "Spring Holiday". And then I'm off for four days.

Zara has been extra-snuggly today, which makes up for a lot of problems. All three cats wanted food and snuggles at the same time though, which had me running from cat to cat. I keep telling them that there's only one of me and three of them, but they don't care :)

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Added: My journal entries were imported into Dreamwidth, but it's still working on the comments. I want to import my adriennerad journal too, so that I have a complete set of all my journal entries. (For those of you who I didn't know in those days, I had another journal under a different username when I first started on LJ.)
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The systems that we use for our databases come from different companies, but work together. That makes pinpointing what system has an issue difficult to do. I was writing one company about a problem that we were having, and I realized that the problem probably was with a system from another company. So I wrote the other company, and sure enough, the problem was with a string set in the software. I was slightly embarrassed because I think that I should have caught the error, but the point is, I did get it fixed. We're still having problems with remote access to some databases, but it's a definite improvement.

My boss was annoyed by the e-mail that I.T. sent yesterday. She said that it basically sounded like we were on our own with any problems that come up. She's going to talk to her boss about that. She also said that they didn't seem to understand that I'm not a programmer or I.T. person, although I'm going to go to Heartland to get some credentials and knowledge. I wisecracked, "Yeah, if I was a Systems Librarian, I'd get paid a lot more money." Which is true, and it's part of the reason that I'm interested in pursuing it. I love working in a library, but the pay leaves something to be desired.

Speaking of Heartland, I have an appointment a week from tomorrow to talk to an advisor. I can talk to one in Lincoln, which is great. My first class this summer will be online too. In the Fall, I'll need to drive up to Bloomington one day a week for classes. I'll need to change my day off, but I think that my boss will be supportive because she thinks that the College will benefit from my upgrading my skills.

Sheesh, Harlee keeps getting more and more crotchety in her old age. She was banging on the gate to her room earlier. She wants me to come in RIGHT NOW. The cats wanted me to feed them right away when I got home too, even though I got home early. (We got to go home an hour early because it's the beginning of our "Spring Holiday'. Four-day weekend!) I am a cat slave.

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