May. 15th, 2017


May. 15th, 2017 12:57 am
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I didn't get up early. I don't think that my alarms went off; I'll have to see if I set them 12 hours off.

Tired at work today. (Don't ask me why; I got a lot of sleep.) I'm scrambling to get stuff done before the conference and my presentation. Time seems to be on the bullet train.

Sold the remaining pet carrier that I used to fly Harlee or Nima out to Michigan. The woman who bought it wants to put her two cats, who are friends, into the carrier together while they move. How do I get the cats who don't get along?

Finally made my quiche tonight. It was good as always, and worth the wait.

Harlee is calling me....
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My boss announced that she is going to leave at the beginning of August. She and her husband own income properties, and apparently they're making enough that she doesn't have to work. (She also said something about not feeling a connection to this place.) Sucks for me because we worked well together, and now I'll have to work with an unknown. Plus, we had a hell of the time filling the position last time.

Between the work that our consortium has done and the work that I have done, our conversion project should be dead easy. That's good, anyway.

I'm still shocked.


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