Jun. 9th, 2017


Jun. 9th, 2017 01:27 am
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I did go back to sleep relatively early last night. I did lie awake for a while, tossing and turning (I was waiting for Zara to smack me for being a lousy bedmate, but she didn't), cursing myself for getting so much sleep, but then I did fall asleep. So I slept most of Wednesday away. I've been back at work today, and feeling slightly manic. I don't seem to have a middle ground; I go from drag...drag...drag to wheeee...zing. So I should get a lot done, right? The problem is that I've been feeling very distractible. The task that I'm doing at work is kind of mind-numbing, but easy to screw up if I don't pay attention.

There was a job posting that interested me, in Allentown, PA. It's only 90 minutes from New York City and Philadelphia, which is kind of cool, but there is no train or bus to either place, and driving would be a bear. There was another job listing in Pennsylvania as well, but that one is closer to Baltimore and Philadelphia. Not going anywhere right now, but...I'm restless.

I was thinking about hiking. I need to develop some sort of plan to get my strength up for hiking. Maybe start going to the gym again to work on my knees and walk on the treadmill. Do short hikes in the local parks. Plan to do a longer hike once or twice a month.

My boss is taking two weeks off at the end of June and the beginning of July. As soon as I read that on the calendar, BOOM--my headache came back. She certainly has earned the time off, but she's leaving for good at the beginning of August, so there is even less time to 1) get our project done, and 2) do knowledge transfer. Plus I need to see if I can get someone to cover the full-time worker's lunch on Fridays while she's gone. So the headaches are partially due to stress. I was thinking of stress management techniques:

  • Meditation

  • Walking and hiking (another reason to do it)

  • Exercise

  • Snuggling with Zara

  • Yoga classes?

Tonight, I bought a reflective vest and LED light for walking at night. And yoga clothes. One goal for this weekend is to get my exercise gear in order. And find my missing hiking boot.


Jun. 9th, 2017 01:38 am
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The cats were tripping out tonight. First, Mimi and Zara got into a yowling fight, which had me running downstairs to break it up, feed them, and separate them. Then Harlee started meowing loudly. I wound up leaving my dinner to sit with her for a long time to get her to quiet down. My neighbor was knocking on the wall, but there's only so much that I can do if Harlee wants to meow. This evening was an example of how little control I have over the cats, really. They have minds of their own, albeit tiny kitty brains. I was wondering if it was a full moon, and yes, it is.
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I drove up to Bloomington and got my car's oil changed and a new windshield wiper put on. While I waited, I called the vet and made an appointment for Harlee on next Friday. The printer got back to me about the poster. I checked with my boss that the cost was okay, and I e-mailed him back to print the poster.

Afterward, I ran errands. I drove toward AT&T to get a new cell phone charger. I had been having problems charging my phone, and I thought that it was a problem with the phone, but my car cell phone charger worked perfectly. When I drove up to AT&T, I noticed Noodles and Company nearby, and decided to eat lunch there. Mmm, Pesto Cavatappi. Then I went to AT&T to get the charger.

Then I went to Meijer to look for socks. Either the cats are eating my socks, or my laundry basket has a portal to another dimension, because my socks keep disappearing. I buy the same socks at Meijer so, if I lose one, its mate will match the other socks. I bought a bunch of them, so I should be set for a while. Then I went to PetCo and bought Harlee some Cat Attract litter and some more of the good food that she likes.

I didn't get a chance to get a map of a trail in Bloomington, but I can print the map.

Now I'm home, and I'm resting a little before I throw my laundry in the wash.


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