Jul. 4th, 2017

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Back from the store. I was hungry when I went, so I wound up with a few items not on my list, such as orange-vanilla "dreamcicle" type ice cream bars. But they will be nice in the heat. I also got some canned tomatoes and mushrooms, plus fresh avocados, to mix into my scrambled eggs. The Facebook group that I've been following has had some good influence on me. (I feel guilty about the ice cream bars. But not guilty enough to not go get one.)

Damn, it's humid (86%). I think that I'll change in into the shorts and a t-shirt that I sleep in, take my meds, and do a few things while the meds kick in. I want to get up EARLY tomorrow! Well, not late, anyway.
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I did get up on time today, although I had some problems actually getting moving. I planned to go to Moraine View Recreation Area today. Then I received a weather alert on my phone. Bloomington is having a thunderstorm with torrential rain and possible hail. That alert also covers the recreation area. It would be over by the time that I'd get there, but I don't really want to walk wet trails. I don't have waterproof boots, although they're on my list. Well, it's summer, so I suppose that I should expect weather like this.

I could stay home. I have a lot of stuff to do, plus I haven't set up the blog yet. I thought about staying home and then going to the fireworks in Bloomington, but watching fireworks on wet grass doesn't sound appealing. (I have a camp chair, but still....)

There is a nature preserve near the Illinois River in Havana, about an hour from here. I could go there (assuming that the weather is okay, but it might have been in the path of this storm). However, there's a restaurant there that I'd like to try, but I don't know if it's open today because of the holiday.

I'm leaning toward staying home.
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I decided to take a nap. I woke up to storms in Lincoln, Bloomington, and Havana (where I thought of going). All right then. Apparently Mother Nature is in a snit. Or wanted to provide her own fireworks. Staying home was the right decision.

Happy 4th though!
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I requested the domain name for my blog, and it's processing. I tried to buy a WordPress theme, but my debit card wouldn't go through even though I had money in my account. I tried using PayPal, but the processing kept on going around in a circle between the theme payment page and PayPal. I finally sent a message to the person who owns the theme. The person apparently is in Nepal, so that might be why my bank refused the charges. I hope that I can get some theme for the blog.

I wound up lying down for a little while because of a headache. I had a hard time getting going, but a shower helped.

I called my aunt. My uncle is doing well. He had an infection, which might have been the reason for his heart symptoms.

I did a load of laundry.

The cats have been unhappy about people shooting off fireworks...except for Harlee, who somehow managed to sleep through the ruckus. She rules :)

I kind of feel like I wasted the day. I'm going to go downstairs and work on the kitchen.


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