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I made it to the Pontiac Route 66 museum. It's kind of eclectic and has stuff loosely related to Route 66, but I got some good pictures. I also got a chance to listen to the "Get your kicks/on Route 66" song. The museum had parking and restrooms, which are always useful. Downtown Pontiac is pretty, with lots of old buildings.

Then I went looking for the Route 66 path in Towanda. This time, I found it, and found that there was a place to park at the gas station for Route 66 travelers. I didn't last very long though. The path goes one mile in one direction from where you park and 2.5 miles in the other direction. I started down the shorter route. My left leg started falling asleep part-way though. (Yes, I know, I should have it looked at, but I don't have a $1000 co-pay for an MRI. Chinzy insurance.) The high points were a couple of series of Burma-Shave signs, which I will post later.

Serendipity: I stopped at a rest area, and they had maps of various sites along Route 66, so I took pictures of the signs. I gather Route 66 is big business around here.

I was listening to an interesting audiobook while I was driving: Stick with It: A Scientifically Proven Process for Changing Your Life-for Good. I'm only on the second chapter, but it seems sound and helpful. I've also ordered a copy of it for the library because it seemed like something that we should have. Whether the students will read it is another question.
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I've been tired all day. But I got my tired butt to the gym today. Go me. I get a gold star. (Literally--I have some stars and dots to put on a calendar when I do a habit that I'm changing.) I walked a mile on the treadmill and did some leg work on the machines. I wish they wouldn't blast music, however. I was trying to listen to an audiobook, and was hearing only part of it. Anyway, I'll turn myself into SuperHiker yet! It's a start!

Zara is being Miss Hissy Face right now. I was trying to get a notebook and my cell phone from the bed before I left for work, and she smacked me. It was starting to be a replay of when she scratched me. This time I was smart, and threw a light blanket over her. She disentangled herself from the blanket and did move away, but not before giving me a loud hiss. (By the way, the scratches are healing well.)

I'm interested in the audiobook (The 5 Second Rule: Transform your Life, Work, and Confidence with Everyday Courage), so I'm going to do some cleaning while listening to it. (See, it's changing my habits already!) But I better go talk to Harlee first because she's being very vocal. And loud.

Errands Run

Jun. 2nd, 2017 10:23 pm
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I ran all my errands today, including driving up to Bloomington (app. 30 miles away) to get Harlee the food that she likes. I wound up getting a mix of the food that I have been getting her and the new food. It's funny how they have different tastes. Harlee likes food with shreds of meat in it and gravy; Zara likes the pate texture; Mimi will eat anything (except turkey).

While I was driving, I was listening to On Fire: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life. It's got me pondering how much I live my life in react mode--not professionally, but otherwise.
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I started reading Getting Things Done. The basic idea is to make a list of everything that you need to get done, and then review it every day to decide what you will work on. I've started making a list on Evernote, mostly using my phone. Every time anything pops up in my head, it goes on the list. Of course, I still need to work on the items on the list! After I finish the book, I enrolled in a Udemy course on how to implement a Getting Things Done system using Evernote.

Minor kitty squabbles this morning. When Mimi is hungry, she blames Zara for it, instead of me. (I don't fathom how her tiny kitty brain works.) But I fed them and all is well. They're spending most of their time together now, and the fights do seem to be fewer.

In a few minutes, I'm going to prep the lasagna for the crockpot.
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By the time that I got out the door, it was 28 degrees F, colder than it was last night. But I sucked it up and ran errands. Picked up my library book--Getting Things Done by David Allen. I thought that this week would be a good time to set up a Getting Things Done system using Evernote. Went grocery shopping. I was going to get mushrooms and spinach for my lasagna, and ingredients for mac and cheese, but wound up with a cart full of stuff. At least, I won't starve. And I bought my first Christmas present--a Hickory Farms box for my uncle, who doesn't do anything and doesn't want anything, but he does eat. I'll get more presents later in the week.

I want to start doing "morning pages" based on a writing prompt as a way to get back into writing. So I bought a sparkly gold notebook and some pens.

The cold hurt my face as I walked out with my groceries, but that's because I refused to wear a hat and scarf. Don't want winter!!! Like that will help.

My mom liked the idea of a basket of cheeses as her Christmas present, but she also said that she liked shortbread cookies. So I'm planning to bake some for her. It's way too early to bake them right now, but I am looking at cookie cutters. I found a snowflake one that I like, but $5 for one cookie cutter? Sheesh.

I'm planning to stay home tomorrow and do some cleaning and cooking. I'm not planning to get dressed. Love "at home" days.

I think that I'll go read....


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