Lazy Day

Jun. 26th, 2017 09:47 pm
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I wanted a lazy day, and I more-or-less am having one. I did get my tired butt out to the store to pick up cat food. (Crisis narrowly averted.) There's a big storm overhead, which is adding to the lazy vibe.

I've been looking at Airbnbs in Chicago. It would be nice to spend a couple of days up there without a conference hanging over my head. I found a couple of places in the $40-$50 range that look good. We'll see; the next couple of months are likely to be hectic with my boss leaving.

I'm going to eat dinner, and then probably read and go to bed early. I need to get in early the rest of the week to cover lunches for the front desk worker. (My boss is on vacation.)
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I'm here to testify that it's possible to go up to Chicago from Lincoln and come back on the same day. It's crazy, but it can be done.

I had problems falling asleep last night (not surprisingly--I got up shortly after the time that I normally go to bed). And then I had problems sleeping on the train, although I got about an hour's sleep.

So I was pretty zoned out when I got to Chicago. I had problems finding the Metra stop, and just missed a train, so I had to wait over an hour. I got a lot of reading done. I made it to McCormick Place okay.

I wolfed down some lunch, and hung out until it was time for my poster presentation. I had problems wrangling my poster (it's 4' x 8'), but some tall guys helped me put it up. It took a while to get the hang of the poster presentation, but I had some good conversations with people.

Then I needed to get back to Union Station. The Metra stop was a "flag stop," and I wasn't sure if they'd stop for me. So I hopped on a bus taking conventioners back to their hotels in downtown Chicago, which was a little cheeky, but no one questioned it. Then I walked from the bus stop to Union Station.

Grabbed a bite to eat at a chichi sandwich place. (The chicken and avocado sandwich was good though, and so were the rosemary and sea salt chips.) Found a place to sit right away, which was a miracle.

Union Station was packed because today was the Chicago Pride parade, and a lot of people came up to Chicago for it. The trip back was uneventful, and I managed to stay awake (which worried me).

Now I'm back home. I plan to feed the girls and then crash. I'm glad that I'm not working tomorrow.


Dec. 29th, 2007 01:59 am
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The wind is howling outside the hotel room window. I feel cold just listening to it.

We're in Chicago (actually Evanston). I went to see my friend Lance, whom I haven't seen for years. We had a lot of fun catching up.

It's been cold, windy, snowy, and treacherous. My mom slipped, fell, and broke a bone in her arm. She has a partial cast right now, and she'll get a full cast when she gets back to Detroit. My dad's sick with the flu.

The people at the hotel (Hilton Garden Inn) have been terrific. Mom said that they were really helpful when she had to go to the emergency room (and they gave her a box of chocolates when she came back). Later this evening, we brought back leftovers of Giordano's deep-dish pizza, the type of pizza that's too thick to eat without a fork. I mentioned to Mom that we didn't have a fork, and the desk clerk overheard, and went in search of silverware and plates (without us asking him to). Great service.

We're probably going to Michigan Avenue tomorrow.


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