Sep. 22nd, 2017 08:52 am
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My stomach is still upset, so I canceled out on the dentist. it probably is the antibiotics, but that doesn't make my stomach any less upset.

Of course, the girls decided that they should be fed because I was up to make the phone call. They're now fed, and peace reigns over the land.

I'm going back to sleep.

The Google doodle for the first day of fall is cute. Now if we could only get fall weather....


Sep. 22nd, 2017 12:51 am
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I was feeling good when I left work, and was bemoaning the fact that I felt fairly energetic, but had to get up early for a dentist's appointment. But after I've eaten, my stomach is really upset. It might be the antibiotics. Or what I had previously. I'll see how I feel in the morning.


Sep. 16th, 2017 01:33 pm
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I love petting Harlee. She really gets into it, even as compared to other cats. She wiggles her entire body.

The hordes and I are fed, and I scooped the litter boxes.

I'm feeling kind of dizzy and headachy. I'm probably not completely over being sick earlier this week. I've decided to largely stay home, although I need to run to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. I think that a nap is in order.
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Work was okay. I'm glad that it's my weekend though. I'm still fighting tiredness and, right now, I have a headache.

CNN published an editorial saying that older people shouldn't live in Florida because air conditioning is critical for them. All roads seem to lead to New Mexico. I need to work my butt off to ensure that I'll be able to go there next year. I ordered a book about the Santa Fe-Taos-Albuquerque area and a book about retiring in New Mexico from Amazon.

I read an article by an academic who has an Everything notebook in which he records, well, everything that's going on, everything that he needs to remember, planning notes, etc. It's kind of a cross between a bullet journal and a larger notebook in which to take notes. He used a spiral-bound notebook and sticky tabs to index items. I thought that it would work better for me if I got a ring binder with dividers, so that I can keep the notes for a category together. So tonight I bought a zippered binder, dividers with pockets, and reinforced 3-hole paper. I'll set up the journal tomorrow. I had something similar when I was at IBM, and it helped me stay organized.

I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning, so I need to crash soon. I'll probably come back and take a nap afterwards.
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I'm still feeling headachy and queasy, so I'm out sick again today. I probably could have dragged myself in, but I do have the sick time, and my boss said that he didn't want people to work when they're sick, so I decided to stay home.

I fed the girls. (I had a feline chorus going for a while: Harlee and Mimi. Zara is generally silent.) It was a little early to feed them, but they expect to be fed when I get up.

I checked the Hurricane Irma updates, and now I'm going back to sleep.


Sep. 11th, 2017 09:15 pm
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Just woke up. I'm feeling lousy. (Don't know why I'm surprised that I feel sick when I'm sick. I guess that I hoped that it would go away when I slept.) I'm going to try to eat something and see what happens. And then feed the cats, and probably go back to sleep.

Home Sick

Sep. 11th, 2017 01:00 pm
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When I was doing homework last night, I suddenly felt like I was going to throw up. Every time that I moved my head, I felt very dizzy. I finished my homework through force of will (although I kept on making stupid mistakes, but I fixed them). Then I crawled into bed.

Today, I'll still not feeling well, although not quite as bad as last night. I stayed home sick. My stomach was okay until I smelled Harlee's food, which made me queasy. I fed the hordes and am going back to sleep.

Oh, and I'm glad that the Tampa area (where I might retire) seems to have dodged a bullet. All I've heard about is minor damage.

More Sleep

Jun. 7th, 2017 11:16 pm
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Got to hand it to the cats. They're been leaving me alone while I sleep. I did go back to sleep tonight and got up a little while ago. I think that I didn't give myself enough rest when I had a cold, and my body said, "Enough".

It's clear that I'm not going to get an appointment for Harlee on Friday, so I'm trying to make an appointment to get my car's oil changed up in Bloomington on Friday. But they want to know my mileage and license plate number, so I need to go check them. I hope that this really is the right form for service; I've had requests go into limbo before.

As for Harlee, she's acting "Harlee-like" and complaining, so I'm less worried about her. But I do want to make an appointment at the vet for a checkup anyways.

Just ate, so I need to clean the cats' litter boxes and feed them. Then I guess that I'll go back to sleep. Again.

Oh, and I accidentally walked off with the master key to the library yesterday. It fell off the key ring when I was locking up, I put it in my pocket, and then forgot about it. I forgot to tell my boss that I had it. She e-mailed me this afternoon, so I told her that I had it and apologized for not mentioning it, but she's just glad that I have it. She didn't want to tell the College that we had lost a master key!
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The headache is mostly gone, although looking at the computer doesn't help, so I should log off.

Not sure what to do with myself. I'm afraid that if I go back to sleep, I won't be able to sleep tonight. But I don't feel up to anything major. Mimi is "helping" by following me around.
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The printer doesn't have the right size paper for my conference poster. I hope that he can order it quickly.

I called the vet for an appointment for Harlee, but got their answering machine, and they didn't call back. Harlee has been sleeping on her pillow today and has been drinking (and eating) though. She still needs a checkup.

I forgot to pick up my books on hold at the public library. I guess that I'll leave for dinner early tomorrow and go get them.

I've had a crashing headache all day. Tylenol has barely helped. Snuggling with Miss Zara has helped somewhat. She's such a sweetie. I've fed the hordes, and I'm going to do the dishes and crash. I need to get in early for a webinar tomorrow.

Worn Out

Jun. 2nd, 2017 01:02 am
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I took some Contac today, which got rid of most of my sniffles and coughing. But I fell asleep for a little while after everyone else left. When I left work, I felt like I wanted to sleep in the car, but I pulled myself together to get some things at the store. I just fed the hordes. I think that I'm going to do the dishes and crash. Maybe another good night's sleep will help.
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I had thought that my stupid cold was going away, but it came roaring back with a vengeance. My boss, who isn't very observant about such things, asked me if I had a cold. I said that I was getting over a cold, and she said "Ew," which I hope was a sympathetic "Ew," and not "Get away from me!" I do hope that I'm not going to give them my cold.

I made a dumb mistake yesterday that is going to make my boss and the front desk worker redo some work. I apologized, and they were gracious about it.

The Internet was down when I went to dinner, but it was back up when I came back. I was wondering if this day was going to be a new low in productivity.

I felt like I needed to lie down several times tonight. I just fed the girls, but I need to do the dishes and take out the garbage. Then I think that I'll crash early, and see how I feel in the morning. I hate to slow the conversion project down when I was gone last week.

I ran out of Harlee's canned food, so I fed her some Soulistic canned food. She loved it, and licked the bowl clean. Anything that gets Harlee to really chow down is good because she's really thin. She seems to have digested it okay. However, Amazon is charging over $4 a can for it. No. Petco has it cheaper. If I feel up to it, I'm going to make a run to Petco this weekend to pick some up and see what flavors she likes.


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