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It was very cloudy today. I tried looking at the eclipse through my eclipse glasses, but the light was too diffuse to see anything. The best view that I had of the eclipse was through a reflection in a car window. However, I could tell that the eclipse was happening because my home got very, very dark. Overall, the eclipse was a bust, and I wasted money getting the eclipse glasses, but I would have hated to not have them if the view was clear. Oh well.

Classes have started at the college. The students are bringing a cool sort of energy that I've missed. Classes have started at Heartland too. I want to set up my due dates on my calendar, but my instructors aren't giving us the whole schedule, just a week at a time. Bah. I don't expect to learn much from these classes, but they are prerequisites to classes that I do want to take. Because the classes will be easy, I want to review some intros to psychology, statistics, and history, and sign up to be an online tutor to earn some money. I'm having a heck of a time finding a copy of a U.S. History textbook though. You'd think that there would be a bunch of them. Not.

Mimi is now refusing to eat the expensive food. I'm getting at my wit's end. Even if I could find the receipt, it would cost me gas money to go up to Bloomington to return the food. I think that she doesn't like the texture of one particular type of food (or so I hope), so I'll try a different kind. Zara is grudgingly eating the food that she normally likes. Harlee, who has the biggest reason to pick at her food because of her kidney problems, has been chowing down. Go Harlee.

I forgot to throw in my laundry when I got home, so I'm still doing it now. I have stuff to do, though, and I'll keep me awake until it's done. Harlee was complaining earlier, so I think that I'll grab one of my textbooks and read in her room. Multitasking and efficiency :)
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I had a headache last night, lay down "for a little while," amd woke up at 5 AM. At that point, I gave Harlee her meds, ate something, took my meds, turned off the lights, and went back to sleep. Despite getting to sleep early, I woke up to my alarm at noon.

We had a staff meeting this afternoon. I figured out how to hook my laptop to the projector, and the meeting went well.

Then I took off to Jacksonville to pick up the eclipse glasses. I got caught in stop-and-go traffic in Springfield, but otherwise, the trip went okay. (It's about 1.25 hours one way without a lot of traffic.) picked up the glasses. The glasses seem like good glasses--they block out the light--but I'll look them up to be sure that they're okay.

However...they're predicting rain tomorrow right around the time of the eclipse. It would really suck if we can't see it.

On a different topic, I'm also interested in Santa Fe, NM as a possible retirement place, although I need to do more research. However, I can take a trip there for a low price, so I might go there next year. I really need to get out of town!
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I was determined to not fall asleep with the lights on last night. And I didn't. I got some cleaning done on the kitchen, but wound up staying up late doing it. And when I went to bed, I picked up a book and started reading. Stupid! I didn't get a lot of sleep.

At work, I was making stupid mistakes on my load files, so I held the last two back to check tomorrow, when I presumably will be more well-rested.

A friend said that she had an extra set of eclipse glasses, so I'll be heading down to Jacksonville (about an hour and a half from here) this weekend.

I'm going to go to sleep EARLY!


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