Feb. 10th, 2017

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The student thermometer says that it's cold; the students have been holding up in their dorms. I'm going to follow their example tomorrow and stay home in the warm apartment (Friday and Saturday being my days off). The Domino's Pizza thermometer also said that it's cold; their delivery car seemed to be driving all over town. It is a good night to be home.

I'm tired, but it's my fool fault for staying up late last night, signing up for Polish Meetup groups in Chicago. Given that I know three phrases in Polish, I'm jumping the gun a bit, but figuring out how I can learn and practice Polish is fun.

Right now, I've been doing planning work for a trip to Taiwan, which is also jumping the gun because if I earn money for travel, I want to go somewhere with my mom in the US or Europe, but I am trying to price a trip (and I'm taking notes in Evernote, so I won't lose the info for when I actually do take the trip). I found a hotel in Taipei that I like.

I also checked a book about Taiwan out of the library, and I think that I mIght just get ready for bed and read a little. Tomorrow, I can be more productive.


Feb. 10th, 2017 08:13 pm
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After breakfast this morning, I got a major headache that felt like my head was inflamed from the back of my neck up through my eyes. I took some ibuprofen and closed my eyes for a couple of hours. It helped. However, I felt shaky and things looked a little like they were vibrating when I got up. I felt a little like the headache would come back, so I took some preemptive ibuprofen and ate some scrambled eggs.

I think that some or all of it is from working on the computer. I'm on the computer most of the time at work, plus some time at home. Maybe I need to stay off for a while. Neck and shoulder stretches would probably help too. I remember that my neck and shoulders used to hurt all the time when I was a tech writer, and for while, I did a half-hour's worth of stretches, which would alleviate the pain. Not sure where the book with the stretches is, though.

The wacky weather probably isn't helping either. It hit the 50s F again today. Goodbye snow. Good riddance.

I need to pull myself together to chop the items for the quiche in the food processor. (I never did make it earlier in the week.) The food processor is loud, so I don't want to use it really late.


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