Apr. 25th, 2017

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Cleared taking Tuesdays as one of my days off in the Fall with my boss, and registered for Fall classes. it's going to be a little rough because I'll be in a Computer Science/Math class (Discrete Structures) and then a Computer Science class (first programming class) from 1 PM to 5PM with only a ten minute break between the classes, but it means that I will have to drive up to Normal (30ish miles away) only one day a week. Plus, it's simpler as far as work is concerned.

Now I need to apply for scholarships.

I need to decide whether to work Sunday - Thursday or Monday - Friday during the summer. Working Sunday would allow me to be available for chat reference for people on our Normal campus, but no one has been using the chat reference so far. Monday - Friday would be slightly better for our conversion project to Library of Congress Classification for our Reference collection. My boss left it up to me. And I'm not sure which I prefer. There are some advantages to having a day off during the week.

Little Zara has been following me around. She's been hanging out in the bathroom while I take a shower (and probably wonders what the heck I'm doing). She also needs to sniff whatever I'm eating or drinking. She's not trying to grab it, just sniffing. She's such a sweetie.

Mimi just jumped on my lap, making typing difficult. I need to go feed the hordes.


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