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I dragged my weary butt into work today. I'm still feeling a little under the weather (I wound up lying down for a little while this morning because I had a headache), but am better than before.

I found a MOOC class (online class) on Bitcoin and blockchain technologies given by Princeton for free, so I signed up for it. It even recommends a book that I already checked out of the library. I also signed up for a series of investment courses, plus one on computational investing, starring everyone's favorite programming language, Python. It would be good to work on it while waiting for a market correction.

I'm concerned about the nursing home in Hollywood, FL that didn't have air conditioning after Irma, and several patients died. That's a point against retiring in Florida. I looked into Santa Fe, and there is some risk of earthquakes, although they haven't had a strong one, and high risk of wildfires (like most of the west). No hurricanes, of course. Santa Fe is looking more and more positive. I want to check out Albuquerque also.

My feline overlords are not happy with their staff. I must make amends.
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I did dye my hair this morning, and cleaned part of the bathroom. Go me.

I was following the hurricane news while I was at work. I don't think that we'll know much until tomorrow (or later) how bad the damage is. At least it's losing strength.

When I was going to eat supper in front of the computer, I tripped and fell, knocking my spaghetti down. Luckily, the plastic cover was over most of it, but some spaghetti got on the carpet. I also knocked down my track ball, and I couldn't find the ball part. I was ready to cry. Eventually I found the ball.

I fed the cats, and did some work on Java while Zara was eating, and calmed down. I like the Heads First Java book. Hey, I just looked, and there is a Heads First Android Development book too. Awesome.

The weather is weird. It's getting chilly at night (currently 52 F), but is still hot upstairs in my townhouse. I keep feeling either too hot or too cold.

I have homework to do for my HTML/CSS class, so I better get cracking.
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Our A/C is still out at work. My boss has been leaving the staff door open to increase ventilation, but I keep waiting for a squirrel to come walking in. I hope that they finally fix the A/C this week.

I worked with my friend Jude tonight, which is always fun. We should figure out something that we can do together sometime.

Mimi was trying to convince me to feed her when I came home for dinner. Not. They get fed twice a day. Zara was stalking my corn dog. A quiet dinner at home.

I picked up some more corn dogs, which make a great lunch. I also splurged on a pair of pajamas that say, "Shoot for the Moon" on the shirt. The pajama bottoms have moons and stars on them. $7 at Walmart.

I'm watching the news about Hurricane Irma and fretting. I'm glad that they are evacuating the Florida Keys. That's one disadvantage to retiring in Florida. My dream right now is to be a snowbird; retire mainly in Santa Fe, but live in Florida during the winter and spring. I need to get to work on my programming to make more money. Speaking of such, I'm going to cancel the Android class and work with some Java books that I've ordered from the library. I'll pick the class up again when I have a better knowledge of Java.

I need to get up early for a conference call, so I need to go crash after paying tribute to Her Royal Highness, the Princess Harlee.
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I threw in a load of laundry in the evening. I had a headache when I was waiting for the clothes to dry, so I lay down for a little while, and slept longer than I intended. Got up and retrieved my laundry. (At least, only a few people use the laundry room because we have washer and dryer hookups, so I didn't have to worry about taking up the dryer for an extended length of time.) Fed the cats.

Then I tackled my Android programming class. Oy. The instructors' explanations are hard to understand. I just bought a book that's an introduction to Java. I didn't pass the first quiz in the class. My brain hurts.

Need to do a couple of things, and then go to sleep.
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Slept in. Fed the cats and me. Had a headache, so I lay down for a little while. Now I'm eating lunch.

I'm reading some books by James Altucher about making money. He did an interview with the CEO of, and the CEO recommended Web development and app development as good ways to freelance. So I'm on the right track. Altucher also recommended a book called Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson about starting a business, so I got that on Audible. I'm always looking for good audiobooks to which to listen while I'm driving around the area. I might listen to them while cleaning too.

My plan is to alternate working on homework and cleaning.

The cats are feeling laid-back. They like having me home. Zara is refusing to finish her food. Sigh. She flashed me her belly multiple times though, so she's relaxed.
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Four-day weekend. Woo-hoo!

Heartland said that it's okay for me to drop the Intro to Computers class. And I've dropped it. I'm really stoked. Everyone to whom I've talked at Heartland has been very nice. If I was cynical, I could chalk it up to keeping their student retention numbers up :)

It's actually nice out: 66 degrees F. Inside the library, though, with all the computers and warm bodies and such, it's been beastly. I was packing books in boxes and had to stop because I was dripping sweat. I really, really hope that they fix the A/C next week.

Despite the heat, students have been inhaling coffee. It's almost creepy how fast it's going.

We met with a rep for a vendor for a long time. Despite saying that he was not a sales rep, he did a good job on selling us on exploring some new options for purchasing books.

Outside of work, the more that I read about Santa Fe, the more that it sounds perfect for me. (Well, except for the lack of a beach, but there are lakes in the area.) Lots of music, opera, museums, poetry readings, meditation groups, etc. Etc. I also looked into Los Alamos, but it's pricey. Erik and I stopped there during one of our cross-country trips because his dad had worked there. I didn't expect it to be so beautiful. Somehow, that seems ironic.

I enrolled in the Android programming class. On Coursera, not the one that they have at Heartland.

Hey, I can sleep in tomorrow! And buy food tomorrow. I'm getting tired of turkey burgers, but I know that I'm lucky to have them.
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My new Library Director is nice. I needed to drive some books up to the Normal campus, but I'm low on funds for gas. I asked if I could get a few dollars out of petty cash to pay for gas, and he said yes. He's going to propose that we not drive books up there, but instead, ask patrons at the Normal campus to have their books sent to local colleges and universities. (The one down the street is Heartland, where I'm taking classes.) We'll see how that goes over.

I think that I used more gas than I got money for, but I should be okay.

On the way back, I was listening to an audiobook called The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur. I'm not thrilled with the book, but I came up with four ideas for smartphone apps while I was listening. (I need to check Google Play to see that no one else has created them already.) I was wondering if there were classes on Android development, and Coursera has a sequence of five classes in it. It looks like Heartland might let me skip the Introduction to Computers class. If so, I could enroll in these classes this fall. They're even not too expensive. Heartland has a class in Android development too. The more programming that I do, the better at programming I'll be. So it's good. I'm excited!

I've been thinking about the long weekend coming up, and want to find a cool place to hike. Otherwise, I want to stay home and get stuff done.

Harlee was calling me, although she seems to have given up. Anyway, she needs snuggles.


Aug. 1st, 2017 09:58 pm
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I now have my payment plan set up for my classes at Heartland this fall and have ordered my books. I changed one of my classes to a Web development class rather than a Discrete Structures class because I'd get more use out of the Web development skills, and I want to take classes in order of usefulness in case I decide to stop taking them. Classes start on the 21st. Oh, and both classes are online, so I won't need to go up to Normal this fall to take classes.

I went grocery shopping hungry and wound up with some interesting stuff, such as asparagus risotto (frozen). I forgot to get avocados to make avocado toast. It's a hip thing. It sounds good though.

I'm tired. I need to go to bed early because I'm meeting with my boss's boss tomorrow morning. After I feed the hordes.
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I really want to get out of town for a little while. I had originally wanted to go to Dayton, but that involves a six-hour drive one way. I don't know if I'll be able to take any more time off this summer with my boss leaving. So I'm looking for some place that isn't a far drive, and is reasonably cheap (which nixes Chicago). Hmm, I remember looking at some place a while ago near the Mississippi River. Now, if I could just remember the name of the place....A co-worker went there. I could ask her. Another possibility is staying near Starved Rock State Park, although the park gets crowded during the summer.

My boss's boss said that I should follow the original plan to take Tuesdays off in the fall for class, but to get my boss's okay in writing. Apparently we've got "a handful" of resumes for the Library Director position so far.
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I sent my poster for the big library conference to the printer tonight. Gulp. But I went over it with a fine-tooth comb, and it should be okay.

I just realized that I forgot to turn the lobby lights off at work, but Security will see them and turn them off. I hope.

I also started on Python class number 3. (My boss said that I could spend some time working on the classes at work.) I also enrolled in an authority control class. (Authority control is how we cross-reference the various names that someone is known by under only one name.)

I sent a note to my boss's boss about my schedule for the fall. I am registered for one online class, but also an on-site class on Tuesdays, which was going to be one of my days off. Well, now that my boss is leaving, I don't know how that will work. I can register for a Web page development class online instead. I'll see what she says.

I forgot to call the vet to make an appointment for Harlee. She's due for her shots, but she also is still hiding in the closet, so I'm worried. But she's visible now, and complaining. She's eating her food. I don't think that she has drunk water since this morning though. I left a note on my computer at work to be sure to call tomorrow.
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I'm taking classes again. These classes are MOOCs, which stands for Massive Open Online Courses. Anyone can take them for free, but if you want a certificate, you have to pay a nominal $50ish fee per class (which I've done because if I'm going to do the work, I might as well get the certificate).

The classes are through Coursera. They offer several "specializations," which are series of classes on a subject. One series that I'm working on is a series of programming classes offered by Rice University. The first two classes are an introduction to Python, which I need to write scripts to manipulate files at work, and also I want to write a "screen scraper" to download Facebook data for research. (I also bought a book that provides an intro to Python, but then explains how to use Python to perform certain tasks. I want to read it while I'm traveling to S.F.) The rest of the classes are an introduction to programming. I've taken introductory programming classes before, but that was years ago. Excellent classes so far. Each class runs around 5 weeks, and there are six classes plus a capstone exam.

The other specialization that I signed up for is Data Science offered by Johns Hopkins. I also want to learn R, which is a statistical language, to also support research, and this specialization covers it. I haven't actually started listening to lectures yet (I'll do so today), so I don't know if the classes are good or not.

There are two more specializations that I'm interested in: Data Mining (offered by the University of Illinois) and Become a Social Scientist (offered by the University of Amsterdam). They aren't offering classes right now, and I'm glad because there's a limit on how many classes I can take at one time. I have an alert set up that will notify me when they start classes.

I love the idea of being able to take classes from all sorts of universities. And I'm hoping that the data classes (and the research) might help me get a future job as a data curator, which is a hot field right now. We shall see.....


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