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I really want to get out of town for a little while. I had originally wanted to go to Dayton, but that involves a six-hour drive one way. I don't know if I'll be able to take any more time off this summer with my boss leaving. So I'm looking for some place that isn't a far drive, and is reasonably cheap (which nixes Chicago). Hmm, I remember looking at some place a while ago near the Mississippi River. Now, if I could just remember the name of the place....A co-worker went there. I could ask her. Another possibility is staying near Starved Rock State Park, although the park gets crowded during the summer.

My boss's boss said that I should follow the original plan to take Tuesdays off in the fall for class, but to get my boss's okay in writing. Apparently we've got "a handful" of resumes for the Library Director position so far.
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I sent my poster for the big library conference to the printer tonight. Gulp. But I went over it with a fine-tooth comb, and it should be okay.

I just realized that I forgot to turn the lobby lights off at work, but Security will see them and turn them off. I hope.

I also started on Python class number 3. (My boss said that I could spend some time working on the classes at work.) I also enrolled in an authority control class. (Authority control is how we cross-reference the various names that someone is known by under only one name.)

I sent a note to my boss's boss about my schedule for the fall. I am registered for one online class, but also an on-site class on Tuesdays, which was going to be one of my days off. Well, now that my boss is leaving, I don't know how that will work. I can register for a Web page development class online instead. I'll see what she says.

I forgot to call the vet to make an appointment for Harlee. She's due for her shots, but she also is still hiding in the closet, so I'm worried. But she's visible now, and complaining. She's eating her food. I don't think that she has drunk water since this morning though. I left a note on my computer at work to be sure to call tomorrow.
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I'm taking classes again. These classes are MOOCs, which stands for Massive Open Online Courses. Anyone can take them for free, but if you want a certificate, you have to pay a nominal $50ish fee per class (which I've done because if I'm going to do the work, I might as well get the certificate).

The classes are through Coursera. They offer several "specializations," which are series of classes on a subject. One series that I'm working on is a series of programming classes offered by Rice University. The first two classes are an introduction to Python, which I need to write scripts to manipulate files at work, and also I want to write a "screen scraper" to download Facebook data for research. (I also bought a book that provides an intro to Python, but then explains how to use Python to perform certain tasks. I want to read it while I'm traveling to S.F.) The rest of the classes are an introduction to programming. I've taken introductory programming classes before, but that was years ago. Excellent classes so far. Each class runs around 5 weeks, and there are six classes plus a capstone exam.

The other specialization that I signed up for is Data Science offered by Johns Hopkins. I also want to learn R, which is a statistical language, to also support research, and this specialization covers it. I haven't actually started listening to lectures yet (I'll do so today), so I don't know if the classes are good or not.

There are two more specializations that I'm interested in: Data Mining (offered by the University of Illinois) and Become a Social Scientist (offered by the University of Amsterdam). They aren't offering classes right now, and I'm glad because there's a limit on how many classes I can take at one time. I have an alert set up that will notify me when they start classes.

I love the idea of being able to take classes from all sorts of universities. And I'm hoping that the data classes (and the research) might help me get a future job as a data curator, which is a hot field right now. We shall see.....


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