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Sep. 19th, 2017 12:28 am
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I had problems falling asleep because my knee was hurting. I stuck a pillow under it for a while, which helped at first, and then became uncomfortable. When I woke up this morning, the pillowcase was off of it, and I swear that it had one last night. I can't find the pillowcase. Do I remove pillowcases in my sleep? Did Zara grab it for her "lair"? Inquiring minds want to know.

Zara's lair is a box on its side. She pulled off the top sheet from my bed and made a nest for herself. She likes to sleep in there. You know that you're a cat person have an empty box prominently displayed in your bedroom.

Mimi cracked me up yesterday. I had finished my shower, and was grabbing my cell phone before I went to work. Mimi scrunched up her face like she was smelling something bad. Apparently she didn't like the fact that I smelled like scented body wash. Ewwww.

Anyway, my knee. At first, I was feeling cranky at work because I hurt my knee there, and it hurts. But then I got involved in some interesting things, so that helped. It's not all better though. I'm refusing to put stuff in boxes at work until it feels better.

I went to the store, and forgot two things. That'll teach me to go without a list. One was cookies, which I could live without, although cookies cure a lot of ills, but the other was acetaminophen, which I need for my knee. So I need to go back after I feed the hordes. At least the store is five minutes from here.
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I didn't go pick up my prescription. I'll go tomorrow. I signed up for a webinar on how to make money blogging. Of course, the presenter was selling something, but I did pick up a few tips. I hoped that he would talk more about building traffic, but he didn't say much about it. Near the end of the webinar, I was working on my homework while listening to the webinar.

I did laundry and talked to my mom. She was still tired this week, but is starting to feel better. Neither of us had much of anything exciting happen this week, so it wasn't scintillating conversation. We're hoping that we'll have more to talk about next week.

Need to finish my homework. We need to put together a five-page Web site with images, so I thought that I'd have fun with it and create pages for places where I'm considering living. However, Mimi is insisting that she's starving (she isn't), so I'll feed the hordes soon.
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I was up for a while earlier this afternoon, wrote a blog post, and then went back to sleep. I woke up hearing Mimi go, "Ack-ack," which is her way to tell Zara to go away, and Zara growling. I tried to go back to sleep, and heard a series of the same. I finally got up and convinced Mimi to move, and Zara ran into the bedroom. (I figured that's what she wanted.) Then I dozed off for a little while, but then Mimi digging in the litter box woke me up. So I'm up :)

I need to send a text to the staff member working tonight to cover some books anyway.
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I'm still feeling headachy and queasy, so I'm out sick again today. I probably could have dragged myself in, but I do have the sick time, and my boss said that he didn't want people to work when they're sick, so I decided to stay home.

I fed the girls. (I had a feline chorus going for a while: Harlee and Mimi. Zara is generally silent.) It was a little early to feed them, but they expect to be fed when I get up.

I checked the Hurricane Irma updates, and now I'm going back to sleep.
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Last night, I was making a frozen pizza when the downstairs smoke alarm went off. It was a really obnoxious noise, of course, and I ran around finding a broom to shut the thing off. Well, apparently it traumatized Mimi because she refused to go downstairs after that, even when I fed her. Well, she's a fairly young cat (5) and must have really keen hearing, so I bet that it was painful to her. Harlee, on the other hand, slept though the whole thing. She's old (16), so maybe she's lost some hearing. She can hear though because she'll come when called. Anyway, I wish that there was a way to preemptively shut the smoke alarm off. By the way, the pizza was good.

I'm reading a really good book about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It's called The Age of Cryptocurrency by Vigna and Casey. They're a couple of Wall Street Journal reporters, so they aren't some wild-eyed anarchists. Cryptocurrency has some societal ramifications that I hadn't thought of. The intro has a story about a young woman in Afghanistan who was blogging for a film site. The people running the project couldn't pay the women directly because only men can have bank accounts in Afghanistan. (Assholes.) So they paid them in bitcoin, and set up a site where they could exchange bitcoins for Amazon gift cards. The young woman bought herself a laptop, and it was a revelation to her. I highly recommend the book.

I've been having fun looking at items for my drop-ship cat supplies store. The person who wrote the book about it said to pick something that you're really into because it will keep you motivated. I won't pick any toys with small bells, however, because I don't want to be responsible for someone's cat choking on one. There is something with bristles that cats can rub against to self-groom. People seem to be interested in it, but I'm not sure if it's safe or not. I might order one to look it over.

I decided to stay home today and catch up on some stuff. I actually have an urge to clean, so I don't want to waste it! If I get myself together early enough, I have a weight bench/slant board that I tried to sell, but no one was interested. I need to haul the thing over to the thrift shop and get it out of my living room.
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Slept until 1:30 PM. Mimi wasn't pleased, but too bad :) Did my normal morning routine, and flew out of here to go pick up Harlee's prescription food. Had a chai at the downtown coffeeshop. (I like to give them business occasionally to help keep them in business.)

Stopped by work. I had written up a draft e-mail last night to send to the person who checked out the book that I delivered last night, but when I logged onto my e-mail last night, the e-mail didn't have her e-mail address on it. So I logged on from work...and there was the draft e-mail with her e-mail address on it. Clearly I'm losing it.

Ran a couple more errands, and now I'm back home. Ate some dinner. Next on the docket is laundry.

Mom should be flying from Chicago to Detroit right now. I'm looking forward to talking with her tomorrow.
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I did manage to wake up in time for my conference call in the morning. Mimi and Zara got into a noisy fight in the middle of it--the perils of working from home.

The front desk worker went home sick in the late afternoon, so I was alone at the front desk tonight. It went okay. Time seemed to be passing slowly, but then I discovered that I received the credit card bill for our library credit card, which I reconcile. This bill had most of the new books that we bought this summer, so it kept me occupied for quite some time. When I ran out of things to do, I did some research into cryptocurrency. I'm interested in a company called Ripple, which enables international money transfers between different currencies. It uses synchronized transaction logs on multiple servers as security rather than blockchains. (Yes, I'm aware that's probably Greek to most of the people reading this post.) I would gladly invest in the company, but it hasn't had an IPO yet. It has its own digital currency (like bitcoin), and I don't know if that's a good investment or not. Need to do some more research. It's cheap right now.

The cats have been full of havoc since I came home. I received the freeze-dried shrimp, and none of them were interested in it. I think that I have defective cats :)

I want to feed the girls and crash because 1) I'm really tired, and 2) if the front desk worker is out sick tomorrow, I'll need to relieve my boss for his lunch.
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I overslept this morning. Mimi was annoyed with me because she was HUNGRY! If only I could teach her to jump on me when my alarm goes off, that could be win-win for the both of us. Both Mimi and Zara are pleased that I got chicken cat food, and polished it off. Mimi jumped on Zara later though. Sigh.

I decided to stay home instead of going to Peoria because it got late, plus I have two blog posts to catch up on. It's better for me to stay home and get stuff done around here.
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I woke up around 1:30 and did the morning maintenance routines for the cats and me. Then I lay down for a short nap. Then my aunt called, wondering if I had heard from my mom this week. I haven't. We chatted for a while, and when we hung up, I decided that it was time to get up.

I just ate lunch. Mimi and Zara are both in the office with me, and I broke up a squabble. I wonder why, given that they don't like each other, they always have to be in the same place. They're probably trying to be close to me though.

I want to work on a blog post, and then clean the kitchen.
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I'm taking tomorrow off to get myself back on my Sunday-Thursday schedule. My new boss gave me a look when I mentioned it, but I've mentioned my schedule before. I suppose that we could change it, but he'll need to tell the people in Normal that I won't be available for chat reference on Sunday. Anyway, I'm going to be off tomorrow.

I had planned to stay home tomorrow, but my instructor for my Introduction to Computers class said that there was a way to skip that class, and that I was a good candidate for skipping it. But I need to go up to Normal to talk to someone on campus. As long as I'm up there, I could return Harlee's expensive food that she can no longer eat, but I can't find the receipt. I suppose that I could exchange it for food that Mimi and Zara WILL eat.

I'm tired. I still haven't posted my flat bench/slant board on the local garage sale site, but I think that I'm going to bed and try to get up at a decent hour and post it.
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Mimi refused to eat the expensive food. Hell. I gave her some cheap food that Zara won't eat, and she did eat that at least. The cats are driving me crazy. Oh, and Harlee almost gave my hand a good bite when she was going after a Pill Pocket.

I managed to get my laundry between storms. I like listening to the sound of the rain.
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It was very cloudy today. I tried looking at the eclipse through my eclipse glasses, but the light was too diffuse to see anything. The best view that I had of the eclipse was through a reflection in a car window. However, I could tell that the eclipse was happening because my home got very, very dark. Overall, the eclipse was a bust, and I wasted money getting the eclipse glasses, but I would have hated to not have them if the view was clear. Oh well.

Classes have started at the college. The students are bringing a cool sort of energy that I've missed. Classes have started at Heartland too. I want to set up my due dates on my calendar, but my instructors aren't giving us the whole schedule, just a week at a time. Bah. I don't expect to learn much from these classes, but they are prerequisites to classes that I do want to take. Because the classes will be easy, I want to review some intros to psychology, statistics, and history, and sign up to be an online tutor to earn some money. I'm having a heck of a time finding a copy of a U.S. History textbook though. You'd think that there would be a bunch of them. Not.

Mimi is now refusing to eat the expensive food. I'm getting at my wit's end. Even if I could find the receipt, it would cost me gas money to go up to Bloomington to return the food. I think that she doesn't like the texture of one particular type of food (or so I hope), so I'll try a different kind. Zara is grudgingly eating the food that she normally likes. Harlee, who has the biggest reason to pick at her food because of her kidney problems, has been chowing down. Go Harlee.

I forgot to throw in my laundry when I got home, so I'm still doing it now. I have stuff to do, though, and I'll keep me awake until it's done. Harlee was complaining earlier, so I think that I'll grab one of my textbooks and read in her room. Multitasking and efficiency :)
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Harlee is now on prescription food. However, I bought her really expensive non-prescription food at the beginning of the month. I want Mimi and Zara to eat the expensive food. Mimi likes it. (Mimi has never found food that she doesn't like, except for turkey. She's kind of like a stomach with legs and fur.) Zara does not, and is refusing to eat it. I had a long talk with her about the importance of eating her food, and how there were starving cats out there who would love the food, but no. Zara wasn't going to eat the food, and I couldn't make her eat it. So she wins. I'm going to pick up food that she likes at WalMart later tonight, plus an extra cat food cap. I'll feed Harlee the prescription food, Mimi the expensive non-prescription food, and Zara her junk food (Fancy Feast). Sigh. Oy. Zara was nosing around Mimi's dish. Surprise, surprise, she's hungry. Did I say, "Sigh"?

After I picked up Zara's meds, I drove to Funks Grove. It's a very pretty grove of sugar maple and oak trees. I had planned on stopping by the Funks Grove pure maple sirup store, but blew past it on old Route 66. I also blew past the turnoff for the old historic church and cemetery. I did turn off for the Sugar Grove Nature Center. The Center was closed, but the trails are open until dusk. First, I walked over to the Imagination Grove, which had a ton of things that kids would enjoy: a playhouse, a sandbox, a way to get to the creek, steps up a tree, tires, a pipe to crawl though, and a low zip line. There also were picnic tables for us old folks.

Then I went looking for the trails. I finally found some off to the side of the main area. I started down the longest trail, which goes near the old church and cemetery, but stopped a little way before the cemetery because I was afraid that it was going to get dark, and the forest was pretty dark as it was. The trails were well-maintained, and there were lots of signs for the trails. I really liked it. I was alone again, though, and I was wondering if I should take pepper spray with me, just in case. They did find someone dead there a little while ago, but apparently the woman was killed by her daughter.

Then I drove over to the old church and cemetery. The church is small and pretty. The cemetery was quiet and peaceful; it's easy to imagine "resting in peace" there. I really liked it. There also is an auxiliary cemetery because the old one is full. It wasn't quite as pretty, but it was nice enough.

Then I went home. I want to come back and hike more trails sometime, and check out the "Chapel in the Woods".
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I fell asleep with the lights on again last night. I was lying down to stretch out my back again. I think that I've figured out why my lower back muscle is hurting; sitting with my legs crossed at my computer at work. It's a tough habit to break. I did lie down when I got home, but Mimi was lying on me, and although I can sleep anytime and anywhere, not with a heavy purring cat on me. She kicked me in the stomach too when she decided to get off. Oof, Mimi.

The faculty and staff records are loaded at work. I also created records for the students at our local campus. Progress. I was hoping to take Friday off and get back on my Sunday-Thursday schedule, but I'm planning to work Friday to take some of the pressure off of me finishing stuff before school starts. Plus I need to prepare for the staff meeting on Sunday. Plus, they're having a picnic for the new students. Free food!

Someone at the college said that Walgreens and WalMart were selling eclipse glasses. Not. Casey's General Store had some, but sold out. I think that I missed a good opportunity if I had bought a bunch and then sold them. Oh well.
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Yesterday, I took the class in CPR/AED and First Aid. It was five hours straight of information, and kind of overwhelming. I want to take it again next year in the hope that more will stick. But I can do passable CPR, and can look critically at First Aid kits. I bought a "wound care" kit for my linen closet with gauze pads and rolled gauze, which is good for larger wounds.

My back was killing me when I came home. A muscle in my lower back had been bothering me for a couple of days (from carrying laundry on the opposite hip?), and kneeling on the floor practicing CPR didn't help. So I lay down on my back on the bed with a pillow under my head and under my knees. I fell asleep. However, I woke up after a few hours. My back felt better. I got up, fed the girls, gave Harlee her meds, and took my meds. Then I went back to sleep.

Today, I got the Fall patron data to load into our library computer system. I didn't get a chance to write a program to format the data, so I'm building the files by hand, which is tedious. Two down, six (?) more to go.

Harlee is calling me. I had some good quality time with Mimi earlier, which doesn't happen as often as it should because she's not a part of my nightly routine. I need to do something about that.

Added: Just looked at the Table of Contents of the book for my Introduction to Computers class, and I'm glad that I did because I sure don't want to keep the book. It covers basic computer skills that I already know. I just rented it from
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I keep Harlee in the back bedroom by herself, for three reasons: 1) To keep her away from Mimi because Harlee is old and frail, and Mimi picks on other cats, 2) She has accidents sometimes, and I don't want them in the rest of the house, and 3) She sleeps a lot, and the back bedroom is the quietest room. But Harlee wants to be with me when Harlee wants to be with me. She can squeeze through the gate because she's so thin. (Mimi and Zara are actually a little intimidated by her when she gets out, but I don't know if that would last.) I put a box in front of her gate to keep her from getting out.

Well, tonight, she managed to squeeze through the gate and climb over the box. I was in the bedroom while Zara ate (Zara likes me to be there when she eats, presumably to protect her?) when I heard Harlee scratching, and then silence. I went out in the hall, and there was Harlee. She willingly came back in her room when I went in there. We shared some snuggles, then I sat in there playing with my phone, and then more snuggles. She had settled down, but meowed a bit after I left. She seems to have settled down again.

What Harlee wants, Harlee gets.

Night Owl

Jul. 23rd, 2017 09:00 pm
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I took a nap waiting for the acetaminophen to kick in, and overslept. It took a while for me to get on a roll. Now I'm on a roll, but it's getting late. Good thing that I don't need to be at work early tomorrow. Laundry is in the wash and Harlee's litter box is soaking.

I probably should eat something soon, but I'm not hungry.

I stepped on Mimi's paw earlier when she was running under my feet. She seems to be okay, but I notice that she's staying well away from my feet now.
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I didn't set my alarm today because I'm staying home. I slept until 1 PM, which is later than I normally get up. Mimi was not happy with me. She was HUNGRY! And I should feed her RIGHT NOW! I've fed them all now, and they've settled down.

Speaking of cats and food, they've decided that if I leave and come back, that means that I'm going to feed them. I normally feed them when I get home from work. Last night, I got home from my travels around 7 PM, which is way earlier then I normally feed them. Mimi and Zara were circling around like a couple of sharks. Cats!

I think that I'm going to work on a blog post. Later, I need to clean and do laundry. Oh yeah, set up food in the crockpot. And clean out the refrigerator because stuff is falling out.

My stupid knee hurts.


Jul. 9th, 2017 12:02 pm
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Given that the road trip blog isn't completely set up, I decided to stay home and continue cleaning. I made progress yesterday, and want to keep going.

The cats are silly about their food. Mimi was making a big fuss until I fed her. Did she finish her food? No! Zara hasn't either, but at least she doesn't fuss. Harlee finishes her food if I give her the "good stuff". I think that she's gained some weight, which is great. She's way too thin.

I Give Up

Jul. 2nd, 2017 08:41 pm
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I finished making my macaroni and cheese in time to gulp some down before the fireworks in Lincoln. I had printed off directions to the Park District center earlier. I threw myself together to go.

The directions were nowhere to be found.

I booted up my computer, but it takes forever. I got the directions printed off about the time that I planned to be there.

So I give up. I'm now planning to go to Bloomington's fireworks show on the 4th. I'll be in the area anyway because I'm planning to go to Moraine View Recreation Area that day. Some days, you just gotta say, "Whatever".

Mimi jumped when they set off test fireworks, so it'll be good for her if I'm home while they're going off. Harlee and Zara seem pretty blasé.


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