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Back from the store. I was hungry when I went, so I wound up with a few items not on my list, such as orange-vanilla "dreamcicle" type ice cream bars. But they will be nice in the heat. I also got some canned tomatoes and mushrooms, plus fresh avocados, to mix into my scrambled eggs. The Facebook group that I've been following has had some good influence on me. (I feel guilty about the ice cream bars. But not guilty enough to not go get one.)

Damn, it's humid (86%). I think that I'll change in into the shorts and a t-shirt that I sleep in, take my meds, and do a few things while the meds kick in. I want to get up EARLY tomorrow! Well, not late, anyway.
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I ran late again today. (This is going to make my blogging a challenge.) I needed to run a few errands in town before I left. I had planned to go to the Route 66 museum in Pontiac, but it closed at 5 PM, and I didn't think that I would have much time there. However, there was a Route 66 outdoors exhibit in Towanda, so I planned to go see it after I was done with my errands.

I couldn't find it. I left my instructions at home, but what I really needed was a map. Now that I'm home, I think that I know where it is. Probably the only street in Towanda that I didn't drive down. At least it's really close to Bloomington-Normal, so it will be easy to go back.

Otherwise, I dropped a bunch of money on cat food and litter at PetCo in Normal. The girls are well-stocked now. And I had a burger, mashed potatoes, and a caramel cashew sundae at Culver's, the best fast food around. There was a weird short rain shower while I was at Culver's. It was just one dark cloud directly overhead. And there was a rainbow afterward.

I need to make a list and go to the grocery store, but I'm taking a short break first.

I think that I'm going to skip the fireworks tomorrow and do stuff around here.
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I haven't found my other hiking boot thus far. I'm sure that I didn't get rid of it, though, so it must be here somewhere.

I priced other hiking boots (ouch), and discovered that there are very few women's hiking books in wide widths. I did find a few though. I'm kind of annoyed at how few shoes fit me.


Sep. 30th, 2016 10:32 pm
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Well, I shopped until I dropped. I got to Aldi 20 minutes before it closed, so I raced around grabbing stuff. I did pretty well there, considering. Then I went to Dollar Tree, WalMart, and Kroger. blew it though. I checked to see if it was going to rain before I left for my shopping trip, and they didn't predict it. Part way though, it started to rain. I'm glad that I keep a small umbrella in my purse. It's mostly stopped though, so I unloaded most of the stuff from the car. The girls were good. They both know how to open or bypass the gate that I keep by the back door to keep them from going out the door, but they let me bring stuff in and didn't try to get out. I guess that they know when they have it good :)

When I rolled up, though, I realized that I didn't have enough plastic containers to freeze the spaghetti and lasagna that I'm going to make. I'm feeling reluctant to go back out though. Maybe I'll make the meatballs, which is the part of the spaghetti that takes a while, tonight, and get plastic containers tomorrow, and finish the spaghetti then. But I need to finish eating because I'm starving. And feed Zara and Mimi and separate them for the night, so that they don't fight at 2 AM.

It sounds like it might be starting to rain again. That settles it. I'm staying in.
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I went down to Springfield to pick up the vacuum that I bought online from WalMart (a Shark Navigator Pro Lift-Off if you care). Usually, I listen to Audible books when I drive to Springfield or Bloomington-Normal, but today, I felt like listening to music. So I drove down listening to Bonnie Raitt and singing occasionally. Nice day for a drive.

My first stop was at Meijer (grocery store). I had planned to make some hummus, and had a recipe for it that called for tahini (ground sesame seeds), and I knew that Meijer had it. However, it was pricey, and they had some ready made hummus there that was a lot cheaper, so I bought them instead. Sometimes it pays not to cook.

My next stop was to pick up some food for Harlee. I managed to miss the turnoff for the store and also drive past the store without noticing it. I finally backtracked and found it. The store also had a buy one get one 50% off sale on kitty litter, so I got that too. Sheesh, Harlee's canned food is expensive -- $1.50 a can!

I decided that given my spaciness, I needed to eat something, so I went to Golden Corral, which is a buffet all-you-can-eat place. Sheesh, it was expensive ($17.99)--more than what I had read online, but I was hungry. I did gorge myself, and the food was good, as well it should be. Not planning a trip back there any time soon.

Then I picked up the vacuum. Afterward, I went shopping to pick up a few things at that WalMart, and saw some herb plants (mint, rosemary, basil, and Italian parsley), so I got them. I'd like to grow some dill, chives, and thyme as well, but it's late in the season to get them, so I might have to start them from seed.

Then I finally went home. I snuggled with Zara for a while, which was sweet and peaceful until she smacked me when I tried to get up. Obviously I don't understand that my station in life is to be a cat pillow.

Now I want to do some stuff online, and then work on the kitchen. My decluttering group is working; I'd probably blow working on it off if I hadn't said publicly that I was going to work on it.


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