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The girls seem to keep settling down. And it's my weekend. I have a few errands to run tomorrow, but I'll be home with them most of the weekend, which should help them settle in.

I needed to run a book up to Normal tonight (about 35-45 minutes one way). I had an Audible credit, so I bought the Being Taoist book as an audiobook. I also bought an audiobook on Eastern philosophy because I want to listen to audiobooks while I unpack. I listened to the Being Taoist book driving to Normal and back, and found myself resisting a lot of what it said. Lead by example. Okay, that's okay. Be happy with what you've got. I find that hard. Don't be ambitious. I find that VERY hard. It's probably good to be listening to something that challenges me.

I keep yawning during the day. I don't know if I'm still catching up on my sleep or what. I've been getting 8 hours a night. At least I can sleep in tomorrow.
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Slept in. Fed the cats and me. Had a headache, so I lay down for a little while. Now I'm eating lunch.

I'm reading some books by James Altucher about making money. He did an interview with the CEO of, and the CEO recommended Web development and app development as good ways to freelance. So I'm on the right track. Altucher also recommended a book called Ready, Fire, Aim by Michael Masterson about starting a business, so I got that on Audible. I'm always looking for good audiobooks to which to listen while I'm driving around the area. I might listen to them while cleaning too.

My plan is to alternate working on homework and cleaning.

The cats are feeling laid-back. They like having me home. Zara is refusing to finish her food. Sigh. She flashed me her belly multiple times though, so she's relaxed.
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I started reading books about saving money, but backed up because I think that most of my problems involve a lack of self-discipline. So I started reading books about self-discipline. One thing that worked for me is when I wanted to take a nap rather than do homework, I told myself that I could take a nap after working on my homework for an hour, and when I got to that point, I was involved and finished it. It's a start. (Any self-discipline tips you might have would be helpful.)

However, I'm going to sleep despite more homework to do because I don't want to stay up late and mess up my circadian rhythm. Being a night owl, it's all too easy for me to do.

I wanted an audiobook about combating the excuses that we make to ourselves (to play during my commute), but didn't want to spend the money. I was able to request it using our new system for borrowing from other libraries, and it will be delivered to me at work. This totally rocks. I keep telling myself that I should get a local public library card, but it isn't really worth it for me to do so when I can draw on a pool of millions of books. (I should do so to support the public library though.)

The trees are coated with ice right now, and they glow in the light. It's beautiful, but also worrisome. There are patches of ice in the parking lot. (And they're predicting more snow tonight.) I might not go anywhere tomorrow if the ice isn't cleared, which would be good for getting things done around here, but I wouldn't get to the grocery store and to the apartment management to drop off my rent check.
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The combination of and discretionary income has been disastrous for me. Before I moved to Fresno, I had books in bookcases, books piled high on top of the bookcases, and books in boxes. Since then, I've sold 16 boxes of books (and counting). I'm close to having enough bookcases for the books, although I might have to do one more round of culling the books.

I've been giving away most of my pocket-sized paperbacks on Freecycle because I haven't read them in a long time and don't have room for them. However, there's been a couple of occasions where I started reading a book when I was sitting on the floor next to the box, and I took that as a sign that I should keep the book.

One series that I started rereading was the All Creatures Great and Small series. One of the four books is missing, so I checked the missing one out of the library.

Another book that I started rereading was On a Pale Horse, the first book in Piers Anthony's Incarnations of Immortality series. During college, I remember reading a copy that was lying around of On a Pale Horse when I was staying up all night as a night clerk at a dorm. I stayed awake long enough to buy the book for myself the next morning and finish reading it. That's a way compelling book. That's especially amazing to me because I don't generally like Piers Anthony; I think that he has some major issues with women. Anyway, I didn't have the rest of the books in the Incarnations series, so I checked some of them out of the library.

Barnes and Noble was selling Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at a pretty good discount, so I ordered and received it.

Now I need to read Harry Potter, Piers Anthony, and James Herriot all at roughly the same time. Yikes -;)


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